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Parents Comments

"Staff are always friendly with a smile and are very welcoming" Mr H


"Always greeted with a smile and warmth which has made dropping off easier - thank you!" Mrs W


"We are very confident that the nursery will always listen to any concerns" Mr T


"My children always seem to enjoy their time at nursery and sometimes don't even want to come home!" Mrs T


"I know that the children are well cared for and stimulated and if there are problems I will be contacted or if I need to  I can phone and check." Mrs S 


"Thank you for all being so lovely and caring for our boys" Mr & Mrs R


"We love the letter of the week for preschool, we think its fantastic that the children and parents are asked to get involved and bring in items to talk about!" Mr & Mrs L 


"My boys love the nursery and I would whole heatedly recommend it to anyone looking for a place for their little one, Such lovely, caring and dedicated staff who my boys are very attached to!" Mrs A R


"All the staff are wonderful!" Mr A R


"All the staff are so lovely and professional. I would recommend EYA to any parent, We only left the nursery as we left Coventry, having to put our daughter in other nurseries made us realise what fantastic care the managers and staff provided to us at EYA. Thank you." Mrs H


"It was so hard returning back to work and leaving my little girl, however the level of support received from the staff towards me and my daughter was amazing. It has made it so much easier leaving her and returning to work. I know I can call up at any time and speak with the staff just to check how she is. Its so lovely to see how happy she is at nursery" Mrs S